Perfect Pie Pastry


This pastry recipe is wonderful and flaky.

Do not be intimidated by making pastry. It is one of the simplest things to make – there is only one rule – don’t fuss over mixing it too much – some lumps of lard are a good thing – the less you handle it, the better it will be : )

6 cups cake & pastry flour (or 5 ½ cups all purpose flour)
1 tsp salt
1pound lard (Tenderflake)
1 tbsp malt vinegar
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 egg
Ice-cold water

  1. Mix together flour and salt in a large bowl

2.Cut cold lard (store lard in your refrigerator until you are ready to make the pastry) into ¼ inch cubes and add to flour mixture. Rub flour into the lard with your fingertips until you have a “pea-sized” meal.

  1. In a 1-cup measure, combine brown sugar, vinegar, and egg. Add ice-cold water to make 1 cup. Gradually stir liquid into your dough mixture. Add only enough liquid to make dough cling together.
  2. Gather into a ball and divide into 3 portions.
    Wrap each portion in wax paper, (and foil if you are freezing the pastry), until needed.

Each portion equals one double piecrust.

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