“Moon” Donuts

I cannot claim the glory for these donuts – they are a family recipe from a friend of mine. But we have made them many a time at the cottage. They are, in fact, PERFECT cottage food – and we TRY not to make them at home due to their serious sugar and fat content – but sometimes, we cannot resist!


1 jar raspberry jam (we have tried other flavours, but raspberry is, by far, the BEST!)

1 loaf white bread

Box of pancake mix (we have also made our own pancake mix, from scratch, which works equally well) – prepared as directed.

Vegetable oil for frying

Icing sugar for dusting


Make a jam sandwich & cut it into quarters.

Dip each quarter into pancake batter and fry in oil until golden (flipping once.)

Cool 15 mins on wire rack & dust with LOTS of icing sugar.

Make coffee and/or tea … and yumm!

One thought on ““Moon” Donuts

  1. I can’t believe they puff up by just dipping them in the pancake batter. They look delicious! I have a new baking blog and love new visitors if you would like to stop by! 🙂


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